Sunday, 26 August 2012

Topshop's Hidden Treasure Nail Varnish

I love nail varnishes, I have to constantly restrain myself from spending my money recklessly on them. I bought this nail varnish a month ago as an impulse buy, and I'm so glad I did buy it! When I first applied them to my nail I was disappointed, I thought that the colour would be the gold/blue/green colour it was in the bottle and it wasn't. It was a shimmery gold. However I soon realised that when you move your hand you can see the different colour, it just depends which light you're in. I bought this for £6 which for me personally is a bit expensive for a nail varnish, but I have found that when I apply two coats of this with no base or top coat it hardly chips! So I find that it is worth the money, you definitley need two coats of this though because one coat on its own is quite sheer.
Would I buy again? Yes definitley! 

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